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Every home deserves the best and most unique scents available. Our wax melts and candles offer a diverse selection for every room, even the man cave! Drop by The Gabby Butterfly Boutique, we are located in the Prattville Market at 3 W 41st  Sand Springs, OK Tuesday—Saturday 10am to 5pm

Zany, bizarre, outlandish, incredible Candles and Wax Melts you decide 🙂
You can take your aroma senses on a wild ride with unique and quirky scents!!

Wax Melts $2.00 img_20160929_104642_595
Votives – 75¢
Glass Jars, 5oz $4.00
2 x 3 Pillars $1.50

Apple Pie ~ fresh from moms oven, mmmmm good
Banana Nut ~ the home baked goodness of banana nut bread, so yummy
Black Cherry ~ ripe, juicy, fresh picked scent , this has quickly become a top seller.
Bubble Gum ~ yes, bubble gum, quite a delicious scent and not what you would totally expect
Bonfire Fun ~ Bonfire of dried leaves, charred pine and cedar, heliotrope, amber, smoky sandlewood, and musk with a hint of toasty marshmallow, & brown sugar
Candied Apple ~ sugary sweet covered apples
Candy Cane ~ Peppermint, vanilla and of course, sugar
Caramel Apple ~ Rich caramel and fresh apple slices
Christmas Bliss ~ A blend of balsam and pine surrounded by holiday flowers, and a pinch of spices.
Chocolate Cake ~ Yes, chocolate cake, you won’t believe this scent isn’t edible.
Cinnamon ~ rich, aromatic and not so sweet
Citronella ~ keeping those pesky mosquitos away doesn’t have to be ugly or stinky
Cornucopia ~ cloves, mums, herbs, woodsy
Country Vanilla ~ creamy type vanilla with butter and a hint, just a hint of orange
Dragon’s Blood ~ oriental orange, with rose, carnation and just a touch of patchouli
Dream Pattie ~ soft pillows of peppermint, wrapped in dreamy dark chocolate
Drizzled PopCorn ~ Fresh popped kettle corn lightly drizzled with melted butter and sweet molasses
Drunken Pumpkin ~ Pumpkin Puree, Rum, Buttered Rum, spiked with cinnamon, cloves, and ginger
Espresso ~ coffee house inspired, dark and robust
Espresso Tamed ~ sweet cream tames this stout scent
Flannel Sheets ~ Sun dried, clean and warm
Flower Child ~ back to the 60’s for a circle of ylang, musk, amber and violet with hints of patchouli and vanilla
French Vanilla Latte’ ~ Strong espresso and sweet French vanilla cream
Harley ~ Musk, leather, sandlewood and bergamot. He’s masculine and buff
Havana Habit ~ Cuba’s finest hand rolled cigar with hints of cloves and wine
Kama Sutra – sensual and sexy. Musk, patchouli, myrrh, sandlewood with a hint of spices and berries
Lady Lavender ~ True lavender scent, very calming
Lemon Verbena ~ Bold scent screaming of Fresh lemon slices with a hint of verbena flower. Crisp & clean
Lumberjack ~ Man conquers fresh morning forest
Luscious Vanilla ~ Elegant, divine and a very rich , deep buttery vanilla.
Monkey Farts ~ I hear you laughing but this fresh fruity basket is deliciously scented with bananas, of course, kiwi, pineapple, strawberry and yes bubble gum! Our #1 customer choice
Mr Cavendish ~ in his den smoking the finest tobacco he can put in his pipe
Nana’s Cookie Jar ~ Oh yes, you know Nana’s fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies are the best
Patchouli ~ patchouli leaves and a touch of musk round out this strong but relaxing scent
Peach Mango Blast ~ Ripe tropical mangos blended with fresh picked peaches
Pickin’ Pumpkins ~ Spicy pumpkin with hints of rum, allspice, and dried orange peel with a spot of vanilla and cinnamon
Pumpkin Gingerbread ~ Fresh baked gingerbread and creamy pumpkin, simple yet fabulous.
Rocky Mountain High ~ this scent is a favorite of the retro hippies
Sage and Sweetgrass— fresh herbal scent, undeniably a fan favorite
Salt Water Taffy ~ Sweet scents of berries with a touch of citrus and salt. Pull, pull, pull!
Sandlewood ~ warm, woodsy, rich aroma
Santa’s Workshop ~ The elves are building toys out of balsam fir while Santa munches sugar cookies 🙂
Sharp Dressed ~ fresh from the barbers chair and ready for a night out on the town—roam free
Simmering Pot ~ Cinnamon & cloves with a touch of orange peel
Spa Fusion ~ Relaxing tones of light musk, ginger, sage blossom, with a hint of lemon, melon and kiwi
Special Delivery ~ Perfect for the nursery with light scents of clean baby lotions & powder
Sweet Pumpkin ~ Pumpkin puree with buttered rum, Luscious Vanilla, ginger & nutmeg
Teakwood and Fern— fern leaves, vanilla, jasmine, pine, teakwood and a smidge of patchouli
Three Wishes Tea ~ an oriental inspiration of marigolds, yellow rosebuds, peach blossoms, and tea
Toasty Marshmallow ~ soft puffy marshmallow toasting on an open fire. Mmm
Tropical Treat— pineapple, mango, passion fruit, orchid, musk and a few hidden scents